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PURION Ionized Water 330ml (24 Bottles Per Carton)

Introducing PURION Water made in Brunei It is more than just PURE!
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In these uncertain times, keeping our hygiene and health in check is most important!

Introducing Brunei’s newest halal product, PURION Water! PURION water delivers supercharged hydration which keeps you focused and energized throughout the day!

PURION Water also contains a large variety of minerals and ions which boosts your metabolism and strengthens your immune system by flushing out toxins, which is extremely important with the current pandemic going on!

Silky smooth taste
Pure drinking water
Supercharged natural ions
pH 6.5 – 8.0 natural alkaline
Unique diamond-shaped bottle
Contains Ca, Mg, K, Zinc, Se
BPA Free Food Grade
Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) more than 200mg/L

Health Benefits of Drinking Purion Water:
Balances your weight
Flushes out toxins from your body
Improves muscles, endurance & flexibility
Ability to focus and concentrate gets sharper
Boosts metabolic rate & stimulates digestive system
Get healthier skin & hair
Lowers the risk of many diseases
Water improves blood circulation
Feel re-energized and uplifts your mood

For 330mL, 1 carton contains 24 bottles of Purion Water.

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