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Legal statement

We care online legal notice

Please read and understand this statement carefully before using the services of we care online. You may choose not to use the we care online service, but if you use the we care online service, your use will be deemed as an approval of the entire content of this statement.

The information about we care online merchants or their related products (including but not limited to store name, company name, contact person and contact information, product description and description, relevant pictures, videos, etc.) on we care online shall be provided by the merchants themselves, and the merchants shall be fully responsible for any information provided by them according to law.

Any unit or individual who thinks that the content of we care online (including but not limited to the commodity information released by we care online merchants) may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests, it shall timely submit a written notice of rights to we care online, and provide identification, ownership certificate, specific link (URL) and detailed infringement proof. We care online will remove the suspected infringement content as soon as possible after receiving the above legal documents.

Intellectual property declaration

We care online owns the copyright of all information contents in the website of we care online platform (including but not limited to text, pictures, software, audio and video, except the product information published by we care online merchants).

Any authorized browsing, copying, printing and dissemination of information within we care online shall not be used for commercial purposes, and the use of all information content and any part thereof must include this copyright notice;

All products, technologies and all programs of we care online are the intellectual property rights of we care online. We care online service name and related graphics, logo, etc. are registered trademarks of we care online. Without the permission of the platform, no one is allowed

From (including but not limited to: copying, spreading, displaying, mirroring, uploading, downloading) in an illegal manner. Otherwise, we care online will be held legally responsible.


The information published by we care online may not contain the latest information related to we care online and its business. For the information released by we care online, we care online does not declare or guarantee the correctness or completeness of the content; We care online will not be responsible for the quality assurance of any products, information or services purchased or obtained by the merchants through the advertisements, information or offers related to the services of we care online.

We care online does not provide any express or implied warranty or warranty, including but not limited to commercial merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement of the rights of others.

The merchant clearly understands and agrees that the loss of profit, reputation, application and data is caused by the following reasons

We care online shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative or punitive damages

a) We care online provides your personal information in accordance with the law or the requirements of the relevant government.

b) The disclosure of any personal information caused by the disclosure or sharing of personal information with others, or

Leakage of personal information due to we care online.

c) Disputes arising from the use of your personal information by any third party in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in our care online service terms and statements.

d) Any temporary website closure due to hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or government control.

e) Any consequence caused by force majeure.

f) We care online uses or disclaimers set forth in each of the terms of service and notices. .

The information provided by we care online may not be used or distributed in a region if its use or distribution would violate the laws or regulations of that region.

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